Moving to a new city or a new home can be an exciting prospect, but it also involves a lot of work and can be quite stressful. The task of packing and moving all your belongings safely to your new destination is not an easy one. That is why you need to choose a reliable and trustworthy packers and movers company. And when it comes to Hyderabad, Star Logistics Cargo Movers is the best choice for all your moving needs.

Star Logistics Cargo Movers is a well-established and highly reputed packers and movers company based in Hyderabad. They have been in the business for several years and have built a reputation for providing top-quality moving services to their customers. Their team of highly trained and experienced professionals is committed to ensuring that your belongings are packed and transported safely and securely to your new location.

One of the things that set Star Logistics Cargo Movers apart from their competitors is their attention to detail. They understand that each customer’s moving requirements are unique, and they take the time to listen to your needs and provide customized moving solutions that meet your specific needs. They also use high-quality packing materials and the latest equipment to ensure that your belongings are well-protected during transit.

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Another factor that makes Star Logistics Cargo Movers the best packers and movers in Hyderabad is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They understand that moving can be a stressful experience, and they go the extra mile to ensure that their customers have a smooth and hassle-free moving experience. Their customer support team is always available to answer any queries or concerns that you may have, and they keep you updated throughout the entire moving process.

In addition to their excellent moving services, Star Logistics Cargo Movers also offer a range of other services to make your moving experience more convenient. They provide packing and unpacking services, loading and unloading services, and even storage solutions if you need them.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best packers and movers in Hyderabad, then look no further than Star Logistics Cargo Movers. With their years of experience, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they are the perfect choice for all your moving needs. Contact them today and experience a hassle-free and stress-free moving experience.

What We Offer

Star Logistics Cargo Movers  provides you with high-quality moving services in India, including “local shifting services,” “home relocation services,” “household relocation services,” and “corporate goods relocation services.” Visit our website for more information if you want to learn more about the moving and packing business. 

Packaging Services

Star Logistics Cargo Movers being a highly skillful Packing and moving services provider.. 

Shifting Services

If you are moving to New city, Our end-to-end transportation services are designed specifically..

Home Shifting Services

Star Logistics Cargo Movers are experts in Residential Shifting services, Cities and outside cities.. 

Office Shifting Services

Star Logistics Cargo Movers provides hassle free office shifting services in Hyderabad.

Car transport

Star Logistics Cargo Movers Transport Cars by special covered car trailers across India.

Bike Transport Services

Star Logistics Cargo Movers provide hassle free & Secure bike transport services in Hyderabad .


Frequently Shifting processes become extended in such cases we provide storage for goods and households..

Corporate Goods Relocation

Star Logistics Cargo Movers provide fast & secure corporate goods relocation Services..

Local Shifting

We help you move places, but quickly and conveniently. Star Logistics Cargo Movers offers World-class Moving Services.


We at Star Logistics Cargo Movers not only provide local or domestic relocations but also provide International relocation in hassle free & timely manner.


Our Process

Moving with Star Logistics Cargo Movers in Hyderabad requires Seven steps: Get a free moving quote and order, Packing, Transportation, Delivery to new Destination. 
Star Logistics Cargo Movers has its own fleet of vehicles, including covered body trucks, mini trucks, cargo trucks, moving platforms for containers, and trucks with covered bodies. The drivers are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the routes through the metropolises of the Warriors and are also familiar with the state of Indian roads. They maintain control over the vehicle’s speed, which is the main factor in home goods being damaged. Our truck has a speed governor instrument fitted so that the speed can never go beyond the limit. 

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About Star Logistics Cargo Movers Company

Welcome to Star Logistics Cargo Movers, your trusted partner for all your packing and moving needs. We are a well-established and highly reputed packers and movers company based in Hyderabad. With several years of experience in the industry, we have built a strong reputation for providing top-quality moving services to our customers.

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is committed to ensuring that your belongings are packed and transported safely and securely to your new location. We understand that each customer’s moving requirements are unique, and we take the time to listen to your needs and provide customized moving solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our Strengths as a Reputed Packers & Movers Hyderabad

As the top relocation company in Hyderabad, we are praised by our clients for providing hassle-free moving services utilizing our cutting-edge methods and USPs. We have established a reputable name in the sector thanks to the following strengths: 

1. Skilled Manpower.
2. More than 100 fully operational branches.
3. A speedy resolution of all claims is promised.
4. To ensure complete safety, lock the cubes or containers and unlock them at your end.


Trucking Cubes (Container)


Houses Moved


Pin codes covered (over 1000 cities )


Satisfied Clients

Our Clients

We have more than 17 years of expertise as packers and movers in Hyderabad. Numerous large corporations in India are among our clientele.


What our customers are saying

We value your feedback.

Best packers and movers in Hyderabad

“Thanks a lot, Star Logistics Movers, for proving me such a gem services for my house shifting process in Hyderabad. The “Star Logistics Cargo Movers” team has done a great job, whether it is packing or storing the items in the warehouse for my long-distance move. Very happy and satisfied with the moving services!”

Jeet Chaudhary
Professional and Reputed packers & movers in Hyderabad

“If I talk about my experience of shifting my office from Manikonda Jagir with “Star Logistics Cargo Movers,” I felt so relaxed during my shifting process, all because the Hyderabad movers and packers team was excellent in their work.”

Gunjan Gupta
House wife

Frequently Asked Questions

The moving service that is used will determine the cost that the packers and movers in Hyderabad will charge. Relocating within the same city will have a completely different cost than moving between cities or states. Depending on their needs, it differs from individual to person.

The distance to be travelled will determine how much it will cost to get from Hyderabad to any other city in India. The cost of travelling will increase as the distance increases.

Moving our house or a business unit is not a one-time endeavour. In order to alleviate our uncertainty, we may use the services of Professional Packers and Movers in Hyderabad. If we choose professional services, we have a number of benefits, including the ease with which our home-shifting activities are performed and the lack of worry we experience since we have professionals guiding us and packing and moving our goods. Using experts’ assistance also enables us to offer suitable insurance protection for our products. Therefore, whether we choose to use house moving services, we are always in a win-win situation.

We at Star Logistics Cargo Movers provide free access to online moving cost calculators. It is an online tool that provides a rough estimate of the cost of relocating based on the demands of the user. You must submit information for this, including the moving date and the current location, destination, and volume of the move. or you can request a manual quote by fill get a quote form.

Star Logistics Cargo Movers always ensure that your relocation process is a smooth and a hassle-free one for you. We will do all the hefty tasks like loading and unloading of your belongings, packing them with proper packing materials, and safely delivering all your items to their destination just in time.

Our experts will take care of the entire relocation process starting from loading, unloading, packing, packing, unpacking, transportation, assembly, and final placement.

In a pre-move survey, the personnel from the packers and movers will visit your home or office to have a fair idea of the size of the move and accordingly decide the moving cost. It is a free service.

Yes! you can plan it as your comfort day. You can also change a moving date even after the packing has been done, in such case your household will be safe at our warehouses. 

The fraud or fake packer and movers will not maintain proper registration documents, absence of proper detailed website, no social media account, no proper testimonial by the previous clients, etc.

The weight of the items to be moved, the distance between the two locations, the cost of packing supplies, the type of moving vehicle used, the type of moving service (intercity, within city, etc.), the reputation of the company, the route of relocation, etc. are all factors that can affect how much it costs to move.

We understand that plans can change at any time. This is why you get a Free Cancellation policy when you book with Star Logistics Cargo Movers. There is no risk and you don’t lose out on anything when you cancel your booking.

Yes, you can insure your goods by informing your our customer care specialists. You will be required to purchase our secured package addon. This addon has many other benefits along with insurance.

Benefits of Hiring Packers & Movers Hyderabad​

Moving is a difficult undertaking, and doing it alone makes it considerably more demanding and exhausting. Employing reputable and  skilled packers and movers not only makes the difficult process of moving simpler.  

Additional advantages of using moving  firms in India’s capital city are listed below: 

  1. Take care of the entire Moving process:

Managing the complete shifting process can leave us in disarray. Hiring Star Logistics Cargo Movers will relieve our consumers of all the stress and tension related to the task of relocation. We will take care of each and every detail of the move such as the quality of the packing materials, loading and unloading of the items, selecting moving vehicle for your relocation, and others. 

  1. Saves time & energy:

When people choose to move on their own, the process is incredibly taxing. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it also wears on our nerves for days. Without any prior moving expertise, doing everything yourself will result in gaps in the moving process. Choosing a reputable moving company can save you a lot of time and energy as you prepare other things and lessen the hard work necessary for relocation. Household possessions will be packed and moved with efficiency by Hyderabad relocation firms with many years of expertise and the requisite abilities. 

  1. Complete security of household items and Goods:

Packers and movers in Hyderabad are capable of handling and moving a wide range of items, regardless of size. We have expertise in packaging a variety of things so that they are not damaged during shipment. Not only do we guarantee that your items will arrive at their destination safely, but we also offer insurance services for your possessions in case they sustain unintentional damage. you may entrust us with the care of your valuable household items without having to worry about it. 

  1. Reduces the stress of moving:

Packers & Movers Hyderabad take care of all the moving-related activities, reducing client stress. You may be sure that all your products will be delivered safely because we have expertise handling such operations often. While they are working, you may use your time to do other crucial duties while remaining at ease! 

Approximate Packers and Movers Hyderabad Charges for Local Shifting in Hyderabad

Shifting Types in HyderabadLabor ChargesEstimated Charges and Rates
Few ItemsRs. 800 – 1,000Rs. 2,000 – 7,000
Complete HouseholdRs. 1,000 – 2,000Rs. 5,000 – 15,000
1 BHKRs. 800 – 1,000Rs. 3,000 – 8,000
2 BHKRs. 1,000 – 1,500Rs. 4,000 – 12,000
3/4 BHKRs. 1,200 – 2,000Rs. 5,000 – 18,000
5 BHK/VillaRs. 1,600 – 2,500Rs. 10,000 – 25,000
Office Shifting(Few Items)Rs. 1,200 – 1,600Rs. 4000 – 9,000
Complete OfficeRs. 1,200 – 2,500Rs. 6,000 – 18,000

Factors Affecting Local Packers and Movers Charges in Hyderabad

  • Quantity of household goods: The quantity of household items to be shifted within Hyderabad has an impact on the expenses and rates of movers and packers in Hyderabad as it is directly related to the amount of labor needed, the size of the vehicle, the kind of packing materials, etc. 
  • Quality of packaging materials: The cost of packers and movers in Hyderabad is directly impacted by the amount and quality of packaging materials. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the level of packaging materials that fit within your budget. 
  • Choose the proper moving vehicle: The more household things you have, the larger the moving vehicle you’ll need for your move. This implies that a bigger vehicle will cost more to purchase than a smaller one. 
  • Manpower needed: The amount of manpower necessary entirely relies on the volume and size of the transfer. For 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK, you will need a minimum of 2-3 laborers, 3-4 laborers, and 4-6 laborers, respectively. 
  • Physical exertion needed: The transportation costs are directly influenced by the physical energy needed by the labor force to execute the activities of loading and unloading. The cost of packers and movers will rise because of variables like the absence of an elevator, the customer’s floor, the distance between the truck and the door, the tools used to transport the products, etc. 

Approximate Costs of Domestic Moving By Packers and Movers Hyderabad

If you need to move locally to Hyderabad or from Hyderabad to another city. Star Logistics Cargo Movers completed all tasks in a timely manner.  We will pick up your household items from your present address and deliver them in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost to your new home. The cost of movers and packers is influenced by several factors, including location, product amount, packing quality, and distance. If you want to move inside Hyderabad or from Hyderabad to another city, there is no simple way to assess the cost of moving. You can call us or email a quotation to get in touch with us.    

Our executive visits your home or place of business to assess its needs and has a conversation with you. After assessing those needs, we provide you with the most reasonable prices in accordance with those needs. 

  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Patna charges ₹ 9,000 – 48,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Surat charges ₹ 9,500 – 51,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Bhopal charges ₹ 8,000 – 47,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Jaipur charges ₹ 7,000 – 50,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Nagpur charges ₹ 8,500 – 48,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Indore charges ₹ 8,500 – 54,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Lucknow charges ₹ 8,500 – 45,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Gurgaon charges ₹ 6,000 – 50,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Mumbai charges ₹ 8,000 – 26,000. 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Chennai charges ₹ 9,500 – 39,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Dehradun charges ₹ 10,000 – 47,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Guwahati charges ₹ 9,000 – 54,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Kolkata charges ₹ 8,000 – 48,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Faridabad charges ₹ 7,000 – 49,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Ahmedabad charges ₹ 9,000 – 39,000. 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Chandigarh charges ₹ 8,500 – 52,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Bangalore charges ₹ 7,500 – 51,000. 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Navi Mumbai charges ₹ 7,000 – 46,000 
  • Packers and Movers Charges for Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar charges ₹ 8,500 – 53,000 


Factors Affecting Intercity Packers and Movers Prices in Hyderabad

  • Quantity of items: The quantity of household items to be transported will determine the amount of packing supplies needed, the size of the vehicle, and other factors. The cost of moving will rise as the volume of the commodities increases.
  • Packaging quality: The cost of packaging is influenced by the standard of the packing supplies the client chooses. The cost of packaging will increase as the quality of the packing materials increases.
  • Distance Between Both Destinations: The cost of moving is based on the distance involved. More fuel and time will be needed to carry the items across longer distances.
  • Manpower needed: The quantity of personal  belongings and  the size of the relocation will have big influence on how many workers  are needed. 
    The cost of relocating will increase  with the amount of labor.
  • Additional moving assistance: For your intercity move, packers and movers Hyderabad also provide extra moving services like unpacking, warehousing and storage, moving insurance, etc. These services have a fee associated with them.
  • Location of the move destination: The cost of movers and packers Hyderabad would also depend on the final destination. Moving from Hyderabad to a major metropolis will be less expensive than doing so from a rural location or township.

Things to Consider When Choosing Packers and Movers Hyderabad

The market is filled with fraudulent moving companies, making it difficult for you to find reputable packers and movers in Hyderabad. The following checklist will assist you in finding the best and most dependable packers and movers in Hyderabad and protect you from fraudsters.

  • Visit the relocation company’s website to learn all there is to know about it, including the services it offers, the years it has been in company, how it has performed in the past, how much it costs, etc. Make sure to verify the “Contact us” page and confirm the contact details, such as the phone numbers, by contacting them and the office address, by going there.
  • Verify the GST certificate for the company that the Indian government gave. Additionally, check the owners’ ID documents, such as Pan Card. e.g., an Aadhaar Card
  • Verify the caliber of the packing supplies used by Hyderabad moving firms.
  • Check the procedures the company utilized to package, move, and handle your things.
  • Look into the equipment and tools the company uses to handle your items.
  • Look at the consumer reviews and ratings provided on sites like Mouth shut, Google, Facebook, Trust pilot, Site jabber, etc. to get a sense of the services’ quality in real time. Look for consumer complaints or other unfavorable encounters.
  • To locate the finest mover for you within your budget, compare the packers and movers Hyderabad fees and rates of at least three companies that have been identified. Prior to signing a contract with them, make careful to inquire about any unstated fees.
  • Never chase after packers and movers in Hyderabad who provide cheaper relocation estimates. Such low prices may be a warning sign for subpar service or fraud. Always choose dependable movers and packers Hyderabad that provide quality services at fair pricing.
  • To get fantastic discounts and offers, bargain with the shifting companies in Hyderabad.
  • Before signing a contract with a packers and movers in Hyderabad, make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions.
  • If you have opted for insurance, make sure you request the actual documentation from movers and packers.

Cost-Cutting Advice for Hyderabad Packers and Movers

In deciding whether to hire packers and movers Hyderabad for your local or intercity relocation, money will be a key factor. As a result, you constantly favor hiring movers whose charges are a little bit lower. However, there are a number of other things you can do to save your moving expenses in Hyderabad by eliminating pointless fees. 

  • Plan your move in advance: Plan your move at least 30 days in advance to give yourself enough time to choose reliable and reasonably priced packers and movers in Hyderabad. Additionally, a last-minute reservation comes at a slight premium for your wallet. 
  • Declutter your home of useless items: Get rid of any broken or  useless items from your house before  moving day to lower your moving expenses, as the quantity of things to be carried is a major factor in estimating the cost of moving. 
  • Hire after researching prices from several packers and movers: Before choosing one of the packers and movers in Hyderabad, request relocation estimates from at least three of them and compare their prices. 
  • Choose the correct moving day: Weekends and the end of the month will result in increased moving costs for packers and movers in Hyderabad. In order to relocate on a budget, schedule your move during the middle of the month or during the week. 

Guidance for Packing, Loading and Unloading of Household Items

Packing TipsLoading TipsUnloading Tips
1. Pack your essential household things first, then unpack them at your new home. After that, pack the remaining stuff.1. Before the loading procedure starts, make sure that the home items are correctly packed.1. Prior to unloading, decide where each piece of furniture will go in your new home to ensure that it gets there.
2. Keep distinct boxes for distinct areas so you know which boxes go where. It will be simpler for you to discover them if you properly label them.2. There should be no obstructions in the path leading from the front entrance to where the vehicle is parked. This will guarantee that the movers’ loading operation goes well.2. Before you open the truck’s gate, look inside to make sure the home objects are still where they should be. The positioning of the things may have changed during transit.
3. Ensure that you stuff the empty areas in the moving boxes with items like bubble wrap, shirts, and towels. Do not overfill the boxes because this will make them difficult to lift.3. To prevent scratches or other damage to the furniture, cover it with some old garments before moving it.3. Before the moving team departs, check all the things against your inventory list that you produced once the products have been unloaded.
4. Arrange the lighter objects on top of the heavier items in the packing boxes.4. To ensure they are emptied first at the destination, pack the home items you need last.4. Recycle cardboard, bubble wrap, packing paper, cartons, and corrugated sheets.
5. Make sure you choose the appropriate carton boxes or boxes to store your home items. Larger boxes should hold heavy items, while smaller ones should hold lighter ones. 5. Start by unpacking the necessities first, followed by the kitchen and toiletry goods.
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